Friday, June 22, 2018

Take it from the top

Lou recommended I go to Steens Mountain in southeast Oregon. He even suggested a cheap BLM campground near Frenchglen, at the western base. It’s a nice one. They even mow the grass.

It’s a long, gradual climb on an excellent unpaved road. All the way to the top. I waited for the sun to be just high enough that it wouldn’t be in my eyes as I drove. I had the road mostly to myself. The early bird gets the empty road. And first choice of photo locations.

That light patch in the distance, showing just above the ridge, is the Alvord Desert. Yes, there are deserts in Oregon.


  1. One of my favorite places. I have camped there at the Fish Lake campground. But, it gets cold at night, even in summer. Be sure to get a soak at Alvord Hot Springs.

  2. I just spent 2 weeks poking around the neighborhood...5 days at Summer Lake Hot Springs...I just got back to NCW Washington..The road I took thru Maupin is now on fire and closed..Lucky me..
    Every time I saw a white van I thought it may be you, but they were all beat-up and were not #013... travels...