Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Some people, whether living in buildings or vehicles, want to stock up with enough food, water and toilet paper to last to the end of time. At the opposite end of the scale are those who acquire supplies only as needed. Most of us are somewhere between. I’m more in the as-needed range.

My space is limited. My fridge capacity is only 24 quarts. My pantry cupboard is 24” by 24” by 31” and part of that is taken up with non-consumables and the bump for the gasoline filler neck. I don’t want to be climbing over cases of chili and barrels of peanut butter. So I buy enough to last a few days. A week at most. That works for me because I don’t go off into the boonies for months at a time. I wander the land and there are stores along the way. Let them warehouse my food.

That’s what various businesses do. It’s called Just-In-Time Delivery. Rather than maintaining huge inventories and the space to warehouse it, they have their suppliers delivered only what’s needed just before it’s needed.

When I head out for a new destination I don’t need to fret whether I have everything, only whether I have enough for now.


  1. I'm now off the road but my pantry is still small. Having enough food for a few days is something I got accustomed to in my van so it's pretty easy to keep on that way.

  2. When I used to stock a lot, a lot went to waste. Now I stock up enough for four days at most, except when I stock less than that if I will be close to a decent grocery store.