Monday, October 1, 2018

Habits are our friends

When I settle into a campsite I always toss my key and wallet on the counter. Well, almost always. About 99.999% always. It might not be the optimum place to leave them, but it works for me—until those rare times I break from habit. Like yesterday afternoon.

This morning I was packed up and ready to head out when… dammit. Well, at least I was in a van rather than a three-bedroom house. There are far fewer places for stuff to hide.

I eventually found the key in the pocket of the jeans I had changed out of when the day become too hot for them. The wallet was in the dash cubby where I had stuffed it after paying at the drive-through. (Black wallet, black dash, easy to miss. It’s about time to replace this one. Maybe I should get something more visible.)

They say a place for everything and everything in its place. The everything in its place part is the most essential, particularly when living in a van.


  1. Get your vehicle key duplicated with an old style regular key and place it in a hide a key under your car. Without a chip if found nobody can start your car but it will get you inside if you locked your keys in. Saved me several times when locked out...kenny

  2. I have upgraded to a 60 month off lease 2012 Transit connect XLT with only 20.5K miles. I have my electronic door lock fob part of my extra key in a realtor's 4 digit combo lock box hanging from my rear sway bar where it mounts to the undercarriage in the wheel-well. The rest of the key is hidden inside.