Saturday, October 13, 2018

Honor among boondockers

A guy flagged me down as I was pulling out of my long Class-A-RV-sized boondocking spot. I was going for a shower at the Pilot Travel Center in North Las Vegas. Mmmmm, lots of hot water.

“Will you be coming back?”


“Oh,” he nodded and shrugged, “I was hoping to take that spot. But okay.” He had a Class A RV.

I figured even if he didn’t snag the spot someone else would, it being the beginning of a weekend with anglers and boaters and locals who just want a break from the city arriving at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It would’ve been no big deal for me to lose the spot since the Rolling Steel Tent is compact enough to fit a variety of other places.

When I returned, all clean and fresh, with my hair and beard buzzed back into control, “my” spot was still empty. Quelle surprise.


  1. Do I detect a twinge of guilt?

    1. A little internal conflict between benevolence and self-interest.