Sunday, October 28, 2018


My buddy Lou has bought a nice piece of land in New Mexico. That means he’s selling the very excellent vardo-style trailer he made. Lou used to be a builder of custom wood boats. All that skill and care went into the construction of his trailer home. Since I used to work in advertising, it’s appropriate that I help him with marketing hi soon-to-be former home.

Here are some specifics:

7x15 feet
Heavy duty purpose-built chassis
Timbren off-road suspension

Rigid foam insulation throughout
Double-pane windows

450 watts of solar panels
470Ah, four 6V flooded cell batteries
Bogert Engineering charge controller
Bogert Trimetric 2030 battery monitor
Samlex 600W pure sine inverter

12V Nova Kool 3.5 cubic foot refrigerator
12V Nova Kool 2.5 cubic foot top loading freezer

Nature’s Head composting toilet
Eco-Temp on demand water heater
Two burner propane stove
Olympian Wave 3 propane heater
Copper propane piping
Fan-Tastic vent

12V 19-inch TV/DVD and digital antenna
ARB awning

Can be towed by a mid-size pickup truck

But that’s not all. His large landscaped and improved space at Coyote Howls East Campground, in Why AZ, can be part of a package deal. Campground regulations allow current lease holders to decide who leases their space next.

Improvements include an 8x10 storage shed, washing station with water filter, and wind/privacy screens.

Here’s a link to photos of the vardo and campground space.

Here are links to a video tour of the vardo and an explanation of the tankless water heater.

Contact Lou at 503-302-7104 for more details, like the price.


  1. A great home for someone, first rate all the way and beautiful too.

  2. Somebody will be lucky to have such a nice home. All the comforts one needs and quality through and through.