Saturday, October 13, 2018

I can’t sleep like this

It’s the in-between season again when it’s too warm to sleep with the Rolling Steel Tent all closed up but too chilly to sleep with windows open. It’s too warm to sleep with a blanket but too chilly to sleep without. So it’s a balancing act with adjustments made during the night—sometimes every couple of hours, sometimes every few seconds. Mix and match between columns A and B.


  1. I feel your pains from inside my Travel Trailer. It is an ever changing situation inside my rig.

  2. In my van it was often comforter stuffed between me and the cold wall. But I do like something over my feet whatever the weather.

    1. If it gets a little cool like my torso likes, I really like a thin pair of socks on my feet

  3. You might want to try finding a couple of flannel sheets to use instead of a blanket, works great for me this time of year. -N

  4. LMAO! This is my favorite post, and I've read them all. Living in FL I don't even cover up any more. I have a comforter on my bed but I sleep on top of it. Just a matter of sox/no sox and fan/no fan. Heck I can hardly stand to wear pants outside! When I travel somewhere cool, I cover up and sleep for a solid 8 Ahhhours. Thanx for the giggle!