Monday, October 15, 2018

So soon?

It seems unusually early for me to be in Quartzsite, yet here I am. I rode a cold and enthusiastic tailwind all the way from chilly Las Vegas.

I plan to settle in and spend some serious time working on a novel I started writing about three years ago. I’ve already broken one of the rules. I have no idea how the story ends. But that’s what keeps me interested. Where is this thing going to lead? Otherwise, it becomes drudgery, finding all the words to fill in the outline. I like discovering forks in the plot and deciding which way to go without needing to end up at a particular point. I have decided no one is going to triumph in the end. It’s that type of dark, twisted genre. Screw the classic story arc. I didn’t start this post with an ending in mind, only a beginning premise that swerved off on an unrelated topic, sort of like the way I travel.

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