Saturday, June 29, 2019

Another month of this

Today is the month-iversary of my stay in Los Angeles. I spent most of the morning reviewing old posts, refreshing memories, vicariously reliving my years as a nomad. Sigh.

Meanwhile, my friends have been sharing their summer travels. Utah, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Yukon, Alaska… Sigh.

- - - - -

We interrupt this post for a little excitement and chaos. A squirrel got into the house somehow and couldn’t find its way out. It was unfamiliar with the concept of glass and kept trying to get out through a closed window. I opened the front door, propped the screen open and stepped to a neutral corner to wait. After another lap of the living room and dining room, knocking over a thing or two, it finally discovered the door. Peace and the natural order of things has been restored.

- - - - -

So, I’m feeling a little down today. I miss traveling in beautiful places. I miss being healthy and independent. I feel the travel season ticking away. Four more week of treatment. Sigh.


  1. Four weeks isn't too bad. I thought you had months and months! You'll still have some summer left if you want to go northerly for a bit!

  2. Beautiful shots. And four weeks will put you in the prime of the summer - dismay if you must, but I wouldn't encourage it!

    1. I know. It's just that the present seems to crawl along. Sort of like enduring the last weeks of school.

  3. So now your medicine glass is half empty which in your case sounds much better than a glass that is half full. Everyday is a little closer to the bottom of that nasty glass of medicine being completely empty.

  4. You have a very good eye for photography. I hope you been holding back on us and have more photos you will feel like sharing while you have the time. Then, I hope you will soon get back on the road and make more!