Sunday, June 16, 2019

Failed experiment

I’ve been trying various soft foods to see which ones go down the easiest. This afternoon it was jello. It was easy to swallow. No problem. But my epiglottis malfunctioned and the next thing I knew I was exhaling melted raspberry gelatin out of my trach tube. I hoped it was only jello and not a certain other red fluid. At least it didn’t hurt or make me gag.


  1. WOW!! Just one surprise after another, eh?

  2. You reminded me of the time I had to come up with soft foods very quickly. Applesauce and runny mashed potatoes in that case. I keep wondering about egg nog now as a way for you to get protein.

    1. I'm also doing well-pureed meaty soups and some things with protein powder added.