Monday, June 17, 2019

Third time’s the charm

Today’s radiation treatment didn’t go as smoothly as glass. First the technician lightly bumped my trach tube while positioning the mask. That triggered a coughing fit. While I recovered from that she cut the hole for the trach larger. This time there was no bumping but the previous coughing fit had brought mucus to my mouth and throat, causing some gagging when I returned to the horizontal position. So I sat up and dealt with that. The rest of the session proceeded without incident. Only thirty-one more radiation treatments to go.


  1. Wha'd she use to widen the hole? Did it involve cutting tissue?

    Anybody mention Mucinex for mucus? It's helped with my cold. There're apparently a variety of "versions" but I've been told the "basic" one is the best.

    1. She enlarged the hole in the mask which the trach tube sticks through. Sorry for not being clear.

      I'm using Mucinex—when I'm able to swallow the pills.