Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The yoyo again

I felt rather crappy yesterday. Swallowing was very painful, killing all desire to eat. It took me 45 minutes to drink an eight-ounce bottle of Ensure, wincing with each swallow. At my weigh-in I’d lost another seven pounds. (I do not recommend the throat cancer diet, no matter how fabulous the results.) There was the possibility of installing a feeding tube, and a few times during the day I would’ve welcomed another hole in my body and the daily complications that come with it.

But today? I feel pretty good. Swallowing is only slightly uncomfortable. My morning bottle of Ensure went down much easier. I feel stronger. I credit the black bean soup Ceebs gave me last night.

The downs of this up-and-down cycle are discouraging. I can hang in, though, as long as there are ups.

UPDATE: I just ate solid food (eggs) with almost no trouble. I hope this is a continuing trend.

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