Saturday, June 8, 2019

The wa-ai-ting is the hardest part

Radiation and chemotherapy are scheduled to start this coming Thursday. Five days of wondering how well I’ll handle it and how well it will go. Five days of wishing we were already doing it so it can be over sooner. Bring it on, already.


  1. The radiation itself is easy, kinda like an x-ray. Probably won't feel any different for awhile as they told me the effects are cumulative. My major issues were being more a bit of spacey. I tend that way anyway, so it took awhile to realize it. My tumor was taken out prior to the radiation, so YMMV. Sending best wishes for healing

    1. I think the difficult part of radiation for me will be that the way the mask holds my mouth open makes it almost impossible to swallow.

  2. Silva extraction tube, ask for it.
    Same as dentists use.

  3. I'm in the SFV for awhile. Let me know if you need your rig checked on.