Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I'm missing meat

My liquid and soft food diet is starting to mess with my mind. Last night I dreamed I was eating barbecued brisket. It was so real. I could actually taste and smell it. Juicy, fork-tender, a little peppery, charred edges… I almost cried when I realized it was all just a dream.


  1. I was in California when something prompted me to call Vince. He said that a week earlier they'd told him he had three weeks to live. I told him I'd be right there...but it'd take me four or five days.

    He was one of those who doesn't respond to morphine. As the cancer progressed and his pain became unbearable he left me a message, I still have it, saying I was his only hope. I'd told him about my experience with helium, not great, but he thought it'd be better than slitting his wrists.

    His daughter prevented me from helping. I went in to see him, He was lying on his couch, near tears over the fact he'd never be able to ride his bicycle again. He'd ridden it to work, over 25 miles one way, three times a week for 15 years. He rode it everywhere to spite the oil companies and because he enjoyed it.

    It's interesting to see, isn't it, what stands out?

  2. 3 degrees of separation? Parallel universes? Coincidence?..... I had brisket for dinner last night. Strange.

  3. I'm feeling your restricted diet frustration, I'm allergic to all mammal products, so no meat and dairy, happened when I was 50, so I know what I'm missing. But that's life. Wishing you the best.