Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fayth, hope and charity

Sometimes, when we’re moved to help someone, there’s only so much we can do. Sometimes there’s a limit to what they’ll let us do. But we try.

Here’s a link to my friend LaVonne’s story of trying to help a barefoot woman by the beach.
I first saw her from a distance, a lone figure standing in the middle of an immense, nearly empty, dirt parking lot on the north bank of the San Diego river, not far from where it emptied into the ocean. The tide was exceptionally low, so that the woman could walk across the channel to Dog Beach, if so inclined. 
But she wasn’t. She just stood there looking away from me as I slowly approached in my van. She seemed to be waiting for someone, searching for sight of a car to come pick her up. Maybe they were supposed to meet, and the other party was late...

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  1. Thanks for that link and your blog also. I have been lurking for months. I have a sister like that so I can relate to LaVonne's reactions.