Thursday, November 7, 2019

A different approach to stealth

When I went to the Walmart in Parker AZ I discovered I had parked next to a uniquely outfitted late-90s Cadillac Deville, with Michigan plates.

First I noticed the roof rack. Then the flexible solar panels stowed in the back. Then the charge controller neatly mounted above the arm rest. Then the refrigerator on the seat (nicely color coordinated with the leather upholstery). Other than those things, there were no signs the car was used for anything beyond cruising to the country club and back.

I wondered if it had towed a trailer, but there was no hitch. Then I wondered if it was a “towd,” but there was no extra hardware on the front. It could’ve been towed with one of those mini trailers that go under the front wheels. But if it had been towed by an RV, why the fridge and solar?

I don’t know the true story of this Cadillac. I waited about a half hour, hoping I could talk to the owner. I grew impatient and decided I liked the story I was fabricating myself. The owner knows no one would suspect that anyone lives in a clean, well maintained luxury barge. Yet there’s enough trunk space for not only supplies and clothing, but also for sleeping. Yeah, that’s it.


  1. Unless they transport black market organs ...

    1. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything, or I would've sprayed it all over my computer.

  2. The last few times I was at that Walmart there was a guy who came there every night and slept in the driver's seat. I don't remember his car but I'm pretty sure I would remember that roof rack.

  3. Saw a guy in Long Beach Ca (70s)who put a cab over camper in the trunk of a Cadillac