Sunday, November 24, 2019

Puss and boots

Last night I dreamed I lived in a community where everyone owned at least one docile, domesticated cougar/puma/panther/jaguar/mountain lion the size of a horse.

Last night I dreamed a friend had been beaten because his custom-made boots weren’t exactly the right color. The attacker explained his own boots, custom-made by the same person, were the true color and my friend was wrong to change his. The friend said he hadn’t changed anything, that they came that way.

I stepped in and asked the attacker what was wrong with having different colors. He struggled for an answer. “Th… it’s… they… they’re not the same!

“Yes, and that’s a problem because…?”

“It’s just wrong!


  1. Great minds think alike... tandy LEATHER... for the hip happening cats.

  2. There are ALOT of mountain lions in Nevada. Mountain lions look nothing like lions, more like big cats.

    1. Blame early European settlers who thought the animal was close enough to a lion.

  3. Who ever came up with the idea of "wrong" anyway?