Monday, November 4, 2019

Chasing flavor

In the continuing quest for stuff I might enjoy eating, I broke out the ramen last night. Not just your ordinary chicken-ish flavored noodles, though. This was special picante chicken-ish flavor. Oooo, a few chili flakes in the packet. I’ve had better luck with spicier foods, so this was promising.

There are many varieties of chilies, from mild to burning. The ones used in this ramen must have been at the very bottom of the Scoville scale. Because I tasted nothing picante. I didn’t taste anything chicken-ish either. Not even salty. Just plain noodles.

But that’s a bit of a victory, considering most wheat products have gummed up my mouth. I guess the noodles were wet enough to compensate for my low saliva production.


  1. Try stir fry mixed vegetables. Walmart has the fresh veggies in a bag with a pouch of sweet and sour sauce inside.

  2. Enter a contest for taste testing extreme hot sauces and come out with first prize for best tolerance without breaking into a sweat?

    1. Did you know there are birds that can eat extremely hot peppers because they don't have the receptors for capsaicin, the active ingredient in peppers?