Saturday, November 2, 2019


I had been boondocking west of Yuma the past five days. I spend a chunk of winters there, so I didn’t really want to be there this early. But a massive cold front sent the nighttime temperatures elsewhere down too low for my comfort. So there I was.

The front passed and I was off to Quartzsite—90 miles north and about 800 feet higher, but with a good forecast. The snowbird season is just getting started so neither the town nor the surrounding dispersed camping areas are crowded. Well, for the most part.

I like the Hi Jolly campground on the north side for short stays. Easy to get to town, great cell signal. But all the good spots were taken. I guess others like it, too.

This is better

After one night I moved to Scaddan Wash. The crumbling pavement and the spottily maintained dirt road keep more people away. I’m in a spot with no visible (or audible) neighbors. Just me and some cacti. I’m sure the conditions will change over the next few weeks.

I have a month before I’m supposed to be back in Los Angeles for a PET scan and doctor consultation. I don’t think I’ll stay in Quartzite that full time. Regulations say I can only stay fourteen days anyway. So Parker… Joshua Tree… Mojave Preserve… There are options between here and LA.


  1. Regulations... smegulations but I digress when will you shoot more how I do things videos?

  2. I was the only one at Tom Wells road 2 weeks ago, south side. CRVL has a group camped somewhere around there currently if your feeling social.