Wednesday, November 6, 2019

It’s all in my mind

It was one of those dreams again. Frustration, anxiety, anger, helplessness. I was surprised because I had been feeling quite happy in my waking life.

I suppose one could say I’m not actually happy because I have all this inner turmoil. Or you could say that letting the ugly stuff out leaves me happier. I vote for the latter, because I had some extremely nice dreams afterward.


  1. I get strange dreams if I eat to much before bedtime.

  2. Our brain is full of past memories that can surface in our dreams. It does not even have to be real life stuff, I have dreams influenced by videos or books. Dreams are not always related to what is happening in our present life. Sometimes It is rather a roll of the dice.

    Except for my dreams of not being able to find a restroom Those dreams are all about the immediate present.