Tuesday, November 19, 2019

They paved something less than paradise and put up a parking lot

The forecast said rain, probably thunderstorms. I thought back to the last downpour I was in and decided I’d rather be on pavement if the sky was going to open up.

The dirt I was camped on wasn’t as dense and gravely as other parts of the desert. It could become too soft. There were wheel tracks where past boondockers and ATVers had driven when the ground was wet. Better safe than sorry. (I’m getting old.)

Okay, so where to? I don’t think Yuma is as tolerant as they used to be about overnighting in big box parking lots. Not knowing for certain would have me on alert all night. Can’t sleep like that. So I went to the RV lot at the Cocopah Resort. I’ve stayed there a few times before. Not scenic or quiet, but, hey, there’s a buffet.


  1. Do you sleep with a fan on? I do and so do my 3 son's; you know white noise. Or would this be another reason to insulate the van as much as possible.

    1. No. I've discovered I use the portable fan way less that I thought I would. Like maybe once or twice a year. The vent fan's main use is while I'm parked at a store and I'm not in the van, or while I'm cooking.

    2. ear plugs work as does NPR talk radio set to a low volume level.

  2. UPDATE: It did rain, quite a bit. I made a good decision.