Thursday, November 7, 2019

Meeting at the crossroad

I’ve been in Quartzsite for a while. I learned from his latest video that the man who showed me living in a van was possible and enjoyable—Bob Wells—was also currently in Quartzsite. And I had a general idea where. So on my way back from a supply run to Blythe I decided to see if I could find him.

I exited I-10 and eased up to the 4-way stop at the end of the ramp. There, to my left, was Bob in his distinctive van. Gee, finding him couldn’t have been any easier.

I followed him to his destination—in a non-stalky way. We chatted for a few minutes and, because we’re friends, he shared some inside poop on his plans. I thanked him again for the positive effect he had on my life. Then we wished each other well, he went into the store and I returned to my camp.


  1. Bob has shown many the way to freedom. He is a wonderful man!

  2. Bob gave Poopin in a bucket notoriety.
    Lots of firsts for Bob, I'd be proud to shake his hand.