Monday, October 27, 2014

Attack at dawn

I woke at about 4:30. "I smell a rat. Or at least a mouse."

The day before, another camper complained about a rodent dying in her truck. The day before that, there was a large mouse sitting by my front tire. There was a good chance a critter had gotten into the Rolling Steel Tent, especially since the weather was so nice that I'd left the door open a crack while I slept. So, before sunup, I started emptying the van to find the culprit.

Thanks to my ongoing minimization, there wasn't much to take out. No mouse, droppings, or shredded stuff was found. Yet the smell remains. I suspect it peed somewhere. I washed the floor and will do the same to the rugs. Some air freshener might help, too.

At least I got to see a nice sunrise instead of sleeping happily, decadently, until 9:00.