Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exodus or eviction?

At most recreation areas, the weekenders start packing up and heading out on Sunday afternoons or evenings. Those who live relatively nearby sometimes wait until very early Monday mornings. Gotta milk as much of that outdoor living from the weekend as they can.

Meanwhile, the long-term and full-time RVers have no jobs, school and regular life to hurry back to. They tend to move on in the middle of the week, with the goal of grabbing campsites in the next place before the weekenders arrive. "Neener neener neener, we were here first."

But this Monday at Elephant Butte, all during the morning, there was one RV after another leaving the park. They were retirement aged folks, full-timers. Had the call gone out that it was time to gather at the Good Sam mother ship? Did something in RVer genetic code tell them it was time to migrate farther south?

No, it seems a lot of them had overstayed the 14-day limit—by weeks—and the rangers shooed them away.

Tsk-tsk. Is that any way for someone's great-grandparents to flout the rules? What sort of example does that set for the young ones? Had lack of the usual responsibilities and social anchors turned them into outlaws?

I think I heard "Born to be Wild" blaring loudly from one of the RVs as it drove away. There might even have been middle fingers waving from the windows.

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