Saturday, October 4, 2014

Changing standards

When one becomes a full time van dweller (or even a big RV dweller) it's assumed having a big, fancy house has become unimportant. Since setting out on the road, my idea of a minimally acceptable dwelling has readjusted considerably. Not because any building would be better than living in a van. (I still love van dwelling.) Rather, because I just don't need much anymore.

As I drive along, I keep seeing small abandoned buildings in pastures or in rural towns. I think, "Clean it out, fix the windows and doors, patch the roof, and I'd be in business." Electricity, running water and indoor plumbing would be icing on the cake. Living in a one-room shack like the Unabomber (though without the explosives and misanthropic insanity) doesn't seem like all that nutty of an idea.

Okay, a place like this one on the outskirts of Estancia, NM, would be too hard to make weather tight,
and would probably be unsafe, but it would make a great haunted house. Boo.

The trouble with such a home, though, is that it would be stuck in one place. Maybe that's an appeal of the Tiny House movement. Minimalist and mobile. Like a van.


  1. Yes. Imagining perfect mobile is better. After a year and a half, I wanted bigger. Not a lot bigger, but bigger than my 22 feet., even it was easy parking. Did want more creature comforts, especially in inclement weather.

  2. This house may be stronger than you think. Good old bones. Built better than today's crap.

  3. Well, to save expense, you could build a "house within a house". Something smaller, water-tight and sheltered, within the original house, which itself would serve in a quasi-fresco manner, with screens on the windows, etc.

    Then, maybe, you could put some wheels on this house within a house to make it mobile, so to speak.

    And just for kicks, one could add an engine and associated accoutrements, so as to propel this mobile house within a house.... ya see where I'm goin' with this? You could redefine the idea of a "drive-in". Just thinkin' out loud.

    Been reading your posts for awhile. Good stuff.

    1. You mean like a van in a garage?

    2. I was thinking more like the house in your picture above. A little tongue-in-cheek, but on the other hand, if the foundation was viable, a van in the living room could have some surreal appeal.