Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another essential

The Toaster GLS from GSI Outdoors

I had one of these toasters. They fold flat so they take hardly any room. Mine worked well until the wire mesh on the bottom burned through. But at ten bucks, it was no tragedy.

I couldn't find an exact replacement (I wasn't looking all that hard), so I got a different type. It was awful. Bread took forever to brown. I learned to live without toast. (See deprivation in a previous post.)

Today I went to a fancy outdoor sports store, the type that caters to climbers and backpackers rather than runners, hunters, anglers and sports involving balls. I didn't have any purchases in mind. I just wanted to see if they had anything I might find useful. Bingo, there it was. I didn't know mountaineers need their toast, too.

Today's shopping adventure got me thinking. Some of the things we full time van dwellers need fall into the camping gear category. A few other items come from the world of RVs. Some from hardware, auto parts or housewares stores. Too bad there isn't a one-stop shop for it all. No, Walmart isn't it.


  1. A marine store usually contains some useful cross-over items too. Or the boating section of a big box sporting goods store.

  2. They look at me funny when I go into those stores walking with a cane but I buy some good stuff there. My lightweight aluminum rollup table came from one of those backpacking stores. It would hold your stove nicely making it even easier to make toast outside.

  3. @ Linda Sand - And how, since "The Castle" isn't accepting visitors, do we find out more about this table? (She's *such* a coquette.)