Monday, February 23, 2015

Never say "Never say never"

Mmmmmm, home cookin'

Last May I blogged that I never cook in my van. Well, as you can see, now I sometimes do. But only with the door open. In case something goes wrong in a fire related way (as opposed to a culinary way) I can toss everything outside.

The open door also keeps steam—and the food odors it carries—from building up inside. What's more, I get to sit on my comfy bed, out of the sun or wind, with all my food supplies and utensils within easy reach. No running back and forth for stuff. I could get used to this.


  1. I don't care about where you cook it, what I want to know is what's in the pot?

    1. Nothing glamorous. I was just reheating some spaghetti sauce to which I had added Italian sausage.

  2. You take excellent pictures; some of them really blow me away. And your writing is interesting, concise and often amusing. Thanks.