Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cholla Campground, Roosevelt Lake, Arizona

Unlike the trek to Burnt Corral, getting to Cholla Campground was a piece of cake. Or, rather, a ribbon of asphalt. It's a typical campground catering to RVers. And all their stuff. And their generators.

A view of the lake—not of another RV. And excellent cell service too

However, out at the ends of a couple of loops are tent sites, meaning there's only room for cars, trucks and motorcycles. And there are no hookups. There's a shared potable water tap and the toilets are near.

Instead of backing your RV into your own private driveway, you park in a designated spot on the loop road and then schlep your stuff to a small clearing where you set up camp. But there's no rule that you actually need to pitch a tent. You could sleep in, oh, your van. In its parking space. And use the table and shade only for meals. And sittin' and contemplatin'.

There were only four of us spread among fourteen sites. We "tent" campers like to give each other room when we can. Don't want to hear each other's snoring and farting.

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