Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dog day

As you may recall, I scratched my eyeglass lenses when I was trying to change my tire. They do not like being ground into the pavement. That’s why I was in Los Algodones, Baja California today. Again. It takes two hours—not two weeks—for them to make the lenses, which gave me some time to kill. 

It was lunchtime. I went to a restaurant around the corner. All the outside tables were taken (it’s al fresco dining weather here), so I went inside. The layout was odd. There was a hallway just inside the door that led to the restrooms, a turn down another hall past the bar, to some tables that turned out to be a sports book. But they served food, so why not.

A bank of monitors showed fĂștbol (of course), horse racing, harness racing and greyhounds. I had never watched greyhounds race before. Wow! I think it’s the origin of “greased lightning.” I know abuse is a problem in animal racing, but it’s amazing to watch. At least while enjoying sopes and tacos. 

I knew nothing about any of the dogs, but, to make watching even more fun, I would randomly pick a dog to cheer for. “C’mon number four!” I never picked a winner. Good thing I wasn’t betting. It made me wonder, though, how much knowing a lot about the dogs, trainers and breeders increases one's odds. Some, but how much? I thought back to the football pool at one of my jobs. One season, the eleven-year-old son of a coworker won four weeks in a row, before they banned him. His method? Whose uniforms did he like the best? So I picked dogs by their markings. It didn’t help.


  1. planning a trip to in a few weeks,would you care to recommend your Optician?

    1. I use Mendoza, which is one of the first places on the right as you come out of the border crossing. It's nothing fancy but the glasses have been good.

    2. Thanks Al,...looking forward to meeting you one day...peace