Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Darby Well Road, Ajo, Arizona

Left to right: saguaro, me, saguaro, Jo, Lou

On the south side of Ajo, just past the hills created by the mine, is Darby Well Road, a popular BLM boondocking area. There's a sign, so it's easy to find. And the dirt road is in good shape. And (woo-hoo!) there's a great cell signal.

I joined Jo and Lou here after my frustrating day dealing with a flat tire. Venting to friends is better than fuming alone. On the way in I spotted the converted vintage bus of Technomadia. Van-Tramp is also here, as I learned from his blog.

Looking back toward camp. The light spot to the right of the three saguaros is Lou's trailer.

While our particular patch of desert is roomy and level, it's at a somewhat busy junction. Lou says there's an even better, more private, spot a little farther up the road. We can take possession after it has been vacated later today.

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