Thursday, October 22, 2015

One night stand

I made a run to Los Algodones, Mexico, today to stock up on the meds I didn't stock up on the last time I was there. Because why do things the smart way?

It's a little early in the snowbird season, so there are no crowds yet. The border crossing was a snap and the streets of Yuma are almost traffic-free.

When I'm in the Los Algodones/Yuma area, I prefer to camp at Fortuna Pond. And, since, like I said, it's a little early in the snowbird season, there are only three other rigs here. That left me with many choices of campsites. There was only an hour of sunlight left, and I'd been charging all day (mmmmmmm, sunshine) so I went for one of the spots among the trees. Cozy.

Tomorrow I'll head up to Quartzsite where it's just a touch cooler. My presence is certain to add to the coolness factor.

"Oh, look! The Rolling Steel Tent guy is here!"


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  1. "These guys are pretty cool - even though they're sixty."
    Beavis & Butthead (about Aerosmith)