Wednesday, March 28, 2018


It started as a discussion of “slow travel.” Go to a place, stay days or weeks, immerse yourself in it, avail yourself of all it has to offer, then repeat the process at the next location.

I’m not very good at this. I zoom from point to point after brief stays. I experience a tiny bit of the place then move on, telling myself I’ll save further exploration for subsequent visits.

I read an article about whether you have wanderlust. Some of the indicators were:
You dream of other places after you've just gotten somewhere.
You're never content in one spot and that one spot is always old.
You never want to be where you are, but couldn't wait to get there before you were.
Yeah, that’s me. No matter where my body is, my mind is down the road somewhere, anywhere.

However, the discussion of slow travel swerved off course (as online discussion often do) when some people claimed traveling slowly required driving slowly, or that driving slowly was all there was to traveling slowly. That’s when my online wanderlust told me it was time to leave this discussion for some other. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Maybe that shows what’s at the root of my wanderlust. I don’t want to stay anywhere long enough to start disliking it. I don’t want to discover the negatives. I want to leave the metaphorical party while it’s still fun, before the drunken brawl starts.


  1. After 10.5 years of wandering around, I have found that 4 weeks is a long stay at a new place and 2 weeks is about right. Returning to places again is very short term if I can make it happen that way.EXCEPT when over in the grandkids area.

  2. Seems this might explain Wanderlust. Lee Marvin's song: I was born under a wandering star, home is a place for dreaming of going to, but never come true....... tom

    1. Wheels are made for rollin' / mules are made to pack / I've never seen a sight that didn't look better lookin' back