Thursday, April 19, 2018

But where?

Back when I started on the road I didn’t know all the places for boondocking. Probably fewer than a dozen spots scattered around the West. Ones I’d learned about in self-published digital books and various online resources. The well known ones. The popular ones. The ones that are easy for newbies (like I was) to find and settle into the life.

Of course, there are thousands and thousands of places to camp on public land. I discovered more of these over the years. Many were recommended by others. The most fulfilling sites, though, were the ones I discovered on my own.

I discovered a place like this

“What’s up this road? I hope it’s passable. I hope there’s somewhere to turn around if it isn’t. But, hey, there are other tire tracks, so that’s a good sign.”

And a place like this

Sometimes the exploration is fruitless. Sometimes I get there and it’s, eh, nothing great but it’ll do. Sometimes I get spooked and turn back before I get to what I learn later from someone else was an amazing place. And sometimes I end up in a really nice spot.

It’s very much like life in general.

And a place like this

That said, yesterday I returned to one of the sites I was led to back in my first year. It has been a couple of years since I last returned because, you know, there were so many other places to discover instead. But I’m chasing weather and just need a convenient, no-fuss spot to kill a couple of days. And there’s a cafe here that makes great burritos.

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