Thursday, April 12, 2018

This post is trashy

I generate trash. Paper, empty packaging, tin cans… I have to do something with it so the van doesn’t end up looking like this.

Some nomads burn their rubbish, but I’m not a fan of fires. So I have to dump it somewhere. Trash cans at rest stops, gas stations, city parks and fast food joints. I know of dumpsters at campgrounds, in alleys and in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I use waste transfer stations.

Thank you, BLM

Over the four-plus years I’ve been wandering the West I developed a mental map of dependable, convenient, legal trash disposal spots. If there isn’t one where I’m camped, I know where there’s one at my next destination or along the way there. Route planning is sometimes influenced by dumpster locations.

I had to learn to jettison my trash often rather than waiting for the wastebasket to fill. A stuffed bag seldom fits through a trash can flap. And the less trash I keep around, the less there is to attract critters. And the more room there is in the van.

Fill the van with gas, empty it of trash


  1. Yep the trash container is a very welcome device to me also.

  2. I've been known to occasionally lift the top of a bin when my bag wouldn't fit through the opening. I rarely did that, though, as I wanted to leave room in the bin for other people to dump their trash. BLM dumpsters is one of the reasons I bought an annual pass in Quartzsite.

  3. My two year old granddaughter calls those receptacles Yuckies.