Saturday, April 7, 2018

Time and money

He said (enviously): You sure travel around a lot.

She said: All it takes is time and money. You have both, but you’re spending them on staying in one place.

Pick the priority. Travel? Or a place to call home? Or maybe a balance of the two?

I chose travel. I’d had my fill of stability. Mortgage payments or rent could buy a lot of gasoline. That’s where I decided to put my money. It has been my best investment ever.


  1. Definitely no contest in my life. Travel wins even it sitting on one place was free.

  2. He said; you sure have a nice place here.she said;all it takes is a little money and time.he said;yeah,but i pissed all mine away on gas and repairing my auto.

  3. Hi Al. It was 90 in LA today. Santa Anna's, felt like El Paso's though.