Monday, April 16, 2018

Mount up, ride out

I was camped at a trailhead near Wickenburg, Arizona, when some horsemen rode by. Dozens of them. They kept coming and coming.

I called out, "How many of ya are there?"

"About a hundred-fifty."

They all had a tag hanging from their neck. "What group are you?"

"The Desert Caballeros. This is our annual ride."

"Where are ya going?"

"That way." Cowboy humor, I guess.

"Well, look pretty for the camera."

"Too late for that."

"I was talking to the horses." Rolling Steel Tent humor, I'm certain.


  1. Last picture.

    I need that Billy Jack hat. Something other than pink though.


  2. White gloves....sweater tied around the neck..Ya right, Billy-da-kiddo would have fallen out of his saddle laughing...Then shot-em....