Saturday, November 19, 2016

Out of the wilderness

Since Lou and I had errands to do in Yuma, it didn't make much sense to drive back to where we were camped off American Girl Mine Road, on the California side of the Colorado River. Instead, we moved "camp" to the RV parking area of the Cocopah casino between Yuma and Somerton. Then, Monday, we can cross into Mexico at San Luis. That would also put us right on Carretera 2, saving us from having to zig and zag on smaller roads from Los Algodones.

We stayed here a week last December. It's nowhere near as crowded or windy this time. Thumbs up for that. But it's too early for the tamale festival in Somerton, so sadness for that.


  1. Safe travels guys. We'll look forward to pics of the journey.

  2. I hope your taste for tamales Doesn't have a dent in it.