Sunday, September 20, 2020

Also in the shipment

The big directional antenna

Okay, this is an experiment. Most of the time the small omnidirectional antenna that came with my cell signal booster works just fine. When it doesn’t, I get out the big directional antenna and see if I can pull in them interwebs from somewhere. That’s a little inconvenient. I need to unpack it from the back of the van, mount the mast, run the cable, then aim the antenna this way and that, checking the hot spot to see whether things improve. And since I tend to switch locations frequently, it means I have to pack it all back up, then maybe unpack it again at the next boondocking site.

So maybe this WeBoost Drive RV omnidirectional antenna will be a satisfactory compromise. It supposedly works better than the small one. Bigger is always better, right? As long as the deployed height of the antenna is lower than various state’s height restrictions, I could keep it up all the time. The antenna and spring base are about 15 inches, and there's a 13 inch section one could add. Taller is always better, right? But it might not be a good idea to drive around with 28 inches of antenna sticking up where it might catch on things like low limbs and drive-through overhangs.

I had an idea during the night and I checked the feasibility this morning. If I drilled a center hole in the bracket, it could pivot so that different corner holes lined up in the same spot. I could position the antenna horizontally when not in use. Remove a bolt, flip the antenna up, reinsert the bolt. Presto!

Another downside of the directional antenna is the cable is about a half inch thick. That makes it tricky to feed into the van. I don’t really want to slam the back door on it. That stresses the cable and the door’s weatherstripping. But it’s the one the manufacturer specified four years ago. There’s signal shielding and stuff. Thanks to a forum post, I learned of a much thinner cable that should work. After all, the bit of cable coming out of the antenna isn’t as thick as my finger. We’ll see how it goes if and when I need to use the directional antenna.


  1. Very good timing. I have been looking at wifi boosters etc and you are helping me make the BIG decision. Thank you.

  2. Look forward to hearing about it.
    Elon's says should be up soon, heard $60 a month.

  3. Any correlation in being at higher altitudes and brain thinky stuff. Less oxygen - faster neural networking? Or have you been stationary just long enough for your thoughts to catch up to your hands and toolbox? Either way, niiisssee. (nodding head)

  4. No postage due on returning a brain?....:+).....Just checking...

  5. They lost mine, gave me a 5 dollar credit.

  6. Do you find that the weboost works well in the Mimbres valley?

    1. The signal at Lou's place used to be spotty and weak because the mountain blocked line of sight to the cell tower. But now it's good even when unboosted. Something must have changed over the summer. So it's not really a test for the booster and new antenna.