Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Rolling Steel Tent gets a skin treatment and Eugene Levy’s eyebrows

The van is at that age when the wretched factory white paint starts flaking off—especially on the leading edges that get dinged by pebbles. I’ve sanded, primed and painted some of the scabs before. It’s not really necessary since the primer underneath is a billion times tougher and will prevent rust. The peeling paint just looks bad. I figure the vagabond life goes a little smoother if one’s rig doesn’t look sketchy. So, once again with the sanding, priming and painting. The results are far from professional, but at least the Rolling Steel Tent is all one color again.

This time I splurged on a protector to prolong the hood’s paint job. I hope. I wish they made them in a more subtle white besides mucho macho black and blingtastic chrome. Oh well. The bugs and stones that hit it are colorblind.


  1. There may exist vinyl decals that would change it to any color you may want.

  2. Mine too. They sell olympic white in a small bottle looks kinda like a rocket. Great for controlling chips that eventually spread.

  3. When your tyranny fails and I'm not talking cross dresses, you won't care if you got Elvis blue or pink Cadillac!