Monday, September 7, 2020


Spam cans are too nice to just throw away. (Yes, I’m eating Spam. Voluntarily. The low-salt, low-fat version. Cook it up with egg and cheese, topped with salsa, and it’s yummy.) 

So, what might I do with this can? Hmmmm…

Ah-ha! A place to keep my wallet and key. (You know your life is simple when you need only one key.) They usually just get tossed on the counter and end up shoved to the side when I use the counter for other things. (Like preparing Spam & eggs.) But now they have a little house of their own.

UPDATE: Lou wants some Spam cans but doesn’t want to eat any of the stuff. He wants me to do the eating and give him the cans. But if the can is worth a couple of bucks to him, he could just toss the Spam, right?

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