Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The cure for gaposis

There’s a gap between the bulkhead and van wall. That tends to happen when a straight line meets a curve. For seven years I’ve been stuffing a couple of washcloths in the hole to keep things from falling in, forever out of reach.

I knew what the actual solution was and decided it was past time to implement it. Cardboard template, old license plate, metal shears, drill, screws, et voila.


  1. Did you have a spare SD license plate because you changed residency? Not that it's any of my business, but it seemed like SD was a good state to call "home" and I'd be curious if something changed.

    1. That particular SD plate was my original. Then they sent out a new design to everyone. I switched residency to AZ because I didn't want to go back to SD to renew my DL, and because the mail forwarding company was pissing me off. Now I have a domicile address with no PMB designation. I don't have to pay state taxes because I'm too poor, the county I'm in doesn't require vehicle inspection (just like SD), and my insurance is lower. I found a mail forwarder in AZ that's a fraction of the one in SD, which is good because I have almost nothing that needs forwarding.

    2. AZ sounds like the better deal. We'll be exploring options soon and this info helps.