Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Third item in the shipment

I bought a box of 100 nitrile gloves a few months ago. Meanwhile, a friend sent me a wad of them. I thought they would be more than enough to last through the pandemic. Wrong. 

So, synthetic-rubber-covered fingers crossed, this box of 200 should last. Man, I hope they won’t be needed much longer.


  1. After putting them on ever feel like backing in through the store's door with your arms bent up in front of you and stating "10 blade and chest spreader, STAT"?

    When they are removed they leave your hands nicely 'moisturized'. Almost like a spa treatment, but without all the burning and red marks.

    1. Back in the early days of my design career we used photostats, which we called "stats." So I was confused when years later I heard "stat" used in medical shows. They want photostats of something?

    2. Copies of selfies with the opened up patient to sign and give out?

      I was in HVAC biz so ... adjust the the thermostat!?

  2. Too hot and sweaty; for brief jobs only.