Sunday, September 13, 2020

What has Lou been up to?

Lou loves having projects. House construction kept him busy for a year. Then there was getting the shop in shape. This spring it was a greenhouse. While I was wandering around this summer he decided to build a small camper for fly fishing expeditions.

When he hold me he was building it, I imagined something simple, just a roomier version of the cap that had been on the truck before. I should’ve known better. Even though it’s assembled mostly from materials he had on hand, Lou doesn’t just slap things together and call it good enough. This camper is built with the same care as the trailer he lived in for several years.

He connected the solar yesterday and started loading it up. He’s taking off this week, leaving me to watch the place. Oh crap, do I remember how to do the property owner thing? It’s something like water the driveway and mow the flowers, right?


  1. One of my RV friends also loves having projects. His wife said they had to build a house so he'd stop breaking things in the RV just to have something to fix.

  2. Pranks?? Short sheet him? Move stuff around? Rubber snakes in the cupboard?

    Lou makes us all seem lesser humans.

    Where do folks find folks that are willing and able to build things for hire besides custom shops? I've tried for a long time but not looking in the right places. Any advice?

  3. Park on driveways and drive on parkways.

  4. Neat!! And it can still pull a trailer.