Sunday, September 6, 2020

Return of the mystery

The Rolling Steel Tent was bare inside when I had an aftermarket stereo installed. Six speakers and a subwoofer. It’s great for blasting road tunes. Born! To! Be! Wiiiiiiild! Born! To! Be! Wiiiiiiiiiiiild!

Six years ago, all of a sudden, it decided to not turn on. I checked the fuses (one in the van circuitry, one that’s part of the custom installation). They were fine. Then the stereo worked again. Removing and reinserting the main fuse disconnected then reconnected the power, resetting something or other, making the world right again. Except I had to redo all my presets. Yay electronics.

I had to do this fuse hokey-pokey a few times that year. Then it stopped requiring it for a while. Then it happened once more and was good for the past several years. Until yesterday. Why now? I have no clue. Maybe there’s a song it doesn’t like.