Monday, September 7, 2020

W! T! F!

I was writing about birds flying into the Rolling Steel Tent when, as if on cue, this thing buzzed in. At first I thought it was a hummingbird, but then… AWK! It wasn't aggressive, so I shot photos then shooed it away. Lou identified the creature. “Oh, yeah, that’s a tarantula hawk. I’ve seen others around here.”

I googled tarantula hawk and came up with an article that warned, “If this wasp stings you, just lie down and start screaming.”


  1. Washington state is getting bizarre. We got the first Covid-19 outbreak, the first murder hornets, and now, wildfire smoke from Siberia. Well, smoke from all states around us also.

    That giant creature would make me scream like a girl; oh, wait ... I hope there is something that likes them for dinner. Maybe with saute'ed Spam perhaps? Would the doves care for dinner delivery? Or maybe attached to an inside vehicle window as a theft deterrent.

    Tomorrow should be fun. Pushing 90* and low vis smoke. Stay inside with no aircon and all windows and vents closed to not tear up and choke or be outside in the shade and cool grass but can't see or breathe? Just might have to be eco-footprint heavy and nap under the sprinkler spray.

    Wish I could be mobile and smart like you. Soon, I hope.

  2. It won't dying you unless your acting like a trantula.

  3. "You’d have to try real hard to get stung by these things, like picking them up" Yikes,good thing you shooed it away instead of picking it up like the guy in the photo did.