Saturday, September 19, 2020


For about a year now my big toes and little piggies have been trying to convince me the Keen Gypsum hiking shoes I love are a half size too small and not wide enough. I finally realized they were right. Sigh.

Keens are already made with roomy toe boxes. That’s why my favorite everyday shoes are their Arroyo II semi-sandals (which, sadly, they’ve stopped making). (They’ve also discontinued the Gypsums.) But I needed wider than that, so when I ordered a pair of Targhee II’s I clicked the WIDE option. That’s EE instead of D.

My feet are thrilled. These shoes fit right. No breaking in, no moleskin on the toes. Let’s go hiking!


  1. Looking sharp Al.

    Keen sure does make a nice shoe and they last a long time.

  2. I love my Keen Targhees. I love it that all Keen shoes can be worn right out of the box with no breaking in. Our Targhees can meet up on the Cohab Canyon trail next month if you make it to Torrey.

    1. And you're certainly entitled to wear them since you've actually been to Targhee.