Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back from the no-cell zone

As Lesa, Lou and I were parked at the Sierra Vista Walmart, we were approached by a couple who were former boondockers. (They had a child and needed to settle down.) Among other things, they gave us a tip on a boondocking site. Gardner Canyon, north of Sonoita, Arizona. "And watch out for the speed limit in Huachuca City. They'll ticket you for two miles over the speed limit."

After twenty minutes on the highway, another twenty minutes crawling down a washboarded dirt road, and another twenty minutes waiting for a group of weekenders to finish packing up and leaving a campsite, we finally settled in.

Lou trims his hair and beard

The rolling grasslands dotted with trees reminded Lou and I of Santa Barbara County, California. Not the sort of environment we expected in Arizona. We stayed for three nights before continuing west—and to someplace with cell service, of course.

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