Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is not the weather you are looking for

I know. People farther north and at higher elevations are having colder weather than this. Some are having snow. In some places your spit freezes solid before it can reach the ground. I've been in those places before. But one of the points of the van dwelling retiree life is to flee unpleasant weather as often as possible.

Yes, wind is a fact of nature in the Southwest during the colder half of the year. That doesn't mean I have to like it. Forty-something degrees is tolerable. Subtract ten more degrees via wind chill and it's a pain.

It can't be that the lower temperature is just there, minding its own business. No, the wind forces it on you like an attention-starved jerk. "Notice me! Notice me! Notice me! See how chilly it is? Huh? Huh? Notice me!" It has to make standing in the sun useless, and the shade downright nasty. It has to make your eyes water and your nose run. (The tissue sellers are happy.)

So, it's a day to play inside. Whee. Tomorrow or Thursday we start moving west, south and lower.

Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, an animated wind map.


  1. That wind map is awesome!

  2. Whining about the wind worked. The air is almost still today. So far. Gloating about the lack of wind will probably come back to bite me.