Saturday, November 8, 2014

Like a gypsy

I posted a photo the other day of my friend Lou in front of the vardo he built and now lives in. There was a request for more photos. Here they are.

The silver sprayer tank is for the shower. It's just sitting there at the moment.
The TV antenna isn't at the top of the mast in this shot.

A handy fold-down table

Can you tell Lou used to build boats?

The stovetop is under the box, which is under the kettle

He heats with this tiny wood stove

Lou uses a composting toilet. This booth is also the shower.


  1. I like this. I have rebuilt my TT. How was the roof made?

  2. He cut arched bows from plywood and laminated them to make the trusses. He ran four 1x2's from front to back. Then he bent a sheet of 1/4 plywood to form the roof. The edges were doubled up after the roof was bent. The plywood was then coated with fiberglass and resin. Sheet foam insulation was applied to the underside of the roof, then covered with melamine.

  3. Far nicer than a converted cargo trailer.

  4. how does he like his tiny tot wood stove?


    1. He's very pleased with it. A few small sticks of wood can heat the vardo to toasty warm.