Saturday, November 29, 2014

Found it at last!

Years ago, in not-so-latino Charlotte, a Mexican restaurant that specialized in the food of Nayarite had Salsa Huichol on its tables. I loved it.

I'd kept my eye out for it, but had had no luck since I don't generally shop in Mexican stores. They didn't even have it in a salsa specialty store at Farmers Market in Los Angeles. I spotted it today, though, in the Food 4 Less in El Centro, California (which, given the geography, is sort of like being in a mercado).

"Seasoned with the best spices and hot peppers from the Nayar Mountains." Why, of course. The reason I love it is that it's savory, not just spicy.

I wonder if the Huichol people had anything to do with this hot sauce other than picking the peppers—if that.

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