Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I had some chicken bones left from dinner. I could have tossed them in my trash basket, but then the Rolling Steel Tent would have smelled like chicken all night. Then I thought, "What if I toss them somewhere outside? A coyote might like them. Or at least microorganisms would break them down over time. Ah, the great cycle of life." If they were still there by the time I wanted to break camp, I'd dispose of them in the usual way.

So I dropped the bones at the base of a bush about twenty yards away. They were gone this morning. Some critter(s) got an early Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanks for the 'short' commentary. I do enjoy them, along with the pictures. I had a nursing home patient that would regularly send his chicken bones to his dog, Rex, at home. Rather lumpy to mail, but it is what it is. LOL

  2. Yeah, I'd do that too. I let nature have things like that back. I'm like you though, can't handle the litter bugs.

  3. According to some Australian RVers I met, they do their dishes by setting them outside and letting the coyotes or other critters lick them clean. Then they just rinse. Gotta love Aussies.